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Special Rider Programs

Enjoy the additional freedoms of our "Trail Rider" programs. These programs offer owners the chance to lead their own trails, unassisted throughout the property, attend special ride events, and ride horses reserved for more experienced riders.

Many younger riders sign up to become "Junior Wranglers". To become a Junior Wrangler,we offer "R" kids class one Saturday a month during the summer months.  Then "R" Wranglers must complete a set number of hours of work at the barn, caring for ranch horses, and assist with trail rides and other stable needs.

Gold Card

For riders 18 years and up, R-Ranch offers a special Gold Card Program that also builds horsemanship and riding skills. Owners who have achieved Gold Card status receive special ride privileges, such as being able to utilize R-Ranch horses without the presence of a guide.(*Special stipulations still apply.) Gold Card owners are permitted to ride Gold Card horses (reserved for the more skilled riders).

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