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Horse Stalls

As an R-Ranch owner, you can bring your own horse for a temporary stay or have FREE (limited*) access to the R-Ranch herd. Either way, you have exclusive access to 25+miles of the most beautiful, well-maintained trails in North Georgia!

Enjoy The R-Ranch On Your Own Horse

R-Ranch welcomes owners to bring their own personal horses(s) for the duration of their time at the ranch. Owners enjoy the option of stabling their own private horses in the main barn of the stable facility, or in the designated owner pasture(s). There is no fee for individual horses kept in the owner's pasture. (Individual horse are not permitted to be pastured with R-Ranch horses.) A valid Coggins is REQUIRED for EVERY HORSE prior to being permitted onto R-Ranch property.

Stall rental is available in the main barn to owners (only) at affordable rates...

For those owners desiring stable accommodations, 10'x10' stalls are available in the main barn on a first come-first serve basis for a reasonable fee.

Owners are ALWAYS responsible for the provisioning, feeding and care of individually owned horses.

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