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Rainbow Lake Cabins

Rainbow Lake Cabins

Rainbow Lake


Named for the expansive Rainbow Lake (temporarily under construction) just down the hill, Rainbow Lake cabins offer owners a relaxing retreat after a long day of outdoor fun.  Whether you prefer looking out over your private porch onto the gently wind swept lake, the lush north Georgia terrain, or a few horses galloping down the hill; Rainbow Lake has it all.

These mountain cabins are the epitome of mountain vacationing.  Each cabin is intricately situated within the landscape, as if it sprung forth from the earth itself for your enjoyment.  The stunning patina of years of joy shows in the wood and when combined with the magnificent tin roofs, offers evidence that man can indeed match the beauty found in nature.

Upon entry to one of the cabins, you are immediately greeted by a golden glow that emanates from the very structure of the building.  Varnished pine wood floors, ceilings, and walls offer a warm hue instantaneously soothing even to the most stressed.  Directly to your left is a staircase leading up to an enchanting little sleeping loft, complete with twin beds and a window overlooking the forest; and a balcony atop the stairs offers a birds's eye view of the goings on of your family.


rainbow lake cabins